About Us

Heartland Endurance Sports is Central Indiana’s fastest growing race management and timing company. Formed in 2005, Heartland Endurance Sports (HES), formerly Indy Endurance Sports, has been providing open water swim clinics and endurance events to the local community in the central Indiana area, as well as individual and group coaching in the sports of swimming, cycling, running and triathlons. We produce over 25 of our own events each year, and provide chip timing, equipment, and management services to many others!


Heartland Enduranc Sports gives special attention to every aspect of planning and execution to make every one of our, and your events memorable and unique. As athletes, officials, coaches and race directors, we have extensive experience with road races, trail races, triathlons, swimming, cycling, and more.


In 2014, we made a decision that we wanted to do more than just put on races. We changed our mission. We wanted to focus on giving back to those who are most in need in our communities. In doing so, Heartland Endurance Sports partnered with several charitable foundations to achieve this goal and has made a commitment to host “races with a purpose”.

Meet the Heartland Endurance Sports crew
Coach TJ Tryon
Owner/Race Director 

Greg Nunnelly
Owner/Race Director
As veteran athlete, Coach TJ has been participating in competitive swimming since 1978, and multisport events since 1987. As a lifelong swimmer and US Masters Swimming Coach, TJ started an open water swimming program in 2005, to help novice and veteran athletes through the learning curve associated with open water swimming, as well as to provide open water swimming opportunities in the Hamilton County, Indiana area.As an experienced long-course triathlete, TJ helps novice long-course triathletes to train for their events, creating training plans, providing training opportunities and giving advice to any who asks.Does TJ look familiar to you? This could be from the fact that he is a USA Triathlon Certified Referee, and wears the zebra stripes at many local triathlons. He has a real knack for the rules, when to enforce them, and most importantly, when to not enforce them. With TJ’s experience officiating, and participating in long-course Ironman races, he also is a WTC Ironman long course events referee.

From a young age, Greg has  enjoyed being active. Even before the terms “fitness enthusiast or active for life” came about. In the late 1980’s, he was a participant in one of the first (Indiana) high school indoor soccer teams before it became a mainstream sport. In 2007, he found a new passion for life, through continuing fitness in the form of endurance sports. Now just 7 years immersed in the endurance culture, a 2013 Muncie 70.3 finisher, and having completed well over 100 triathlons, marathons, plus other misc endurance events as an athlete, and overseeing 50+ races in as an USAT Head Official, his beliefs are that the actions (we) take are to be in the best interest of the athlete (within the given parameters).

He now has the platform to give back and encourage people to do more, and be more for themselves. His friendship with TJ over the last 20 years, and networking within local communities, has presented the opportunity to become Heartland Endurance Sports and to create the venues that will enable all of you to become new positive stories within his life journey.